Why You Need Protected Dedicated Hosting

In today’s internet landscape, there are dangers lurking everywhere. While there is a chance of a user messing up their server, most of the danger comes from outside. There are hackers always trying to take over your server to use it for nefarious means or use it to attack other servers as part of a DDoS attack. In some instances, you might be the victim of the DDoS attack. When this happens to you, you are likely to be taken offline and we understand how important your server, and by extension, your website or network infrastructure, is important to your business. It is for this reason that you need protected dedicated hosting.

But, What Is Protected Dedicated Hosting?

Before digging into protected dedicated hosting, we have to, first of all, understand what this hosting exactly is. In simple terms, this is a type of hosting where you hire out a full server to use just by yourself. It differs with shared hosting in that you do not have to share the server with anyone else. In this way, you get full control of the server to do with as you wish.

Dedicated hosting is important for those who need higher computing power as well as RAM. You see in shared hosting, you share the server resources with others. In the former, you do not share resources with anyone and you, therefore, have the full power of the server powering your website. Dedicated hosting would come in handy or websites such as media websites or websites that stream a lot of data.

What Is Protected Dedicated Hosting?

Protected dedicated hosting is a special type of hosting that is configured for protection against DDoS attacks. There are a number of technologies used to ensure your server is protected. One of the most popular ones is server caching. This is where you make a copy of your server available so that when the attacks do come, they are redirected to the cache server instead of your main server.

During the attack, you can route all the traffic through a filter and then if it is clean, to the main server. The second option is hardware protection. Here, the server is configured to reject any type of traffic that looks suspicious. While this type of protection allows for faster server access, it can filter out legitimate traffic. There are other types of protection including proxy protection, client IP monitoring and more. The solution that you go with will depend on your particular use case.

The Importance of Dedicated hosting

You Need Protected Dedicated Hosting

If you care about the availability of your server, its ability to handle huge numbers of visitors a well as protecting the server from DDoS attacks, you have to get protected dedicated hosting. Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to these kinds of attacks and you do not want to be among those who are rendered offline. There are lots of companies that offer these types of hosting, all you have to do is find them.